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About GMAT Integrated Reasoning

The Richardson GMAT Prep Centre is based in Toronto, Canada and has been teaching GMAT Preparation Courses since 1979. There have been few changes in the format of the GMAT since that time. The GMAT evolves at a “glacial pace”.

The most significant change in the GMAT was the 1997 change to the Computer Adaptive or CAT format.

The anticipated introduction of GMAT Integrated Reasoning in June of 2012 is the biggest change to the GMAT since Critical Reasoning replaced the Practical Judgment section of the mid 1980s.

We do however have a sense that “Integrated Reasoning” is incorporating a question type that was much more prominent in the 1970s. This is the “graphs and charts” section of the test. We will see.

GMAT is currently facing stiff competition from GRE. This fact is likely responsible for the evolution of the GMAT.

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